Book a service for your bike at our specialized bike workshop.  The experience and dedication of our mechanics are fully at your service, fueling your passion for cycling.

In our bike workshop, every bicycle, whether it's an e-bike or a traditional one, receives the attention and care it deserves. We use Unior tools and high-quality products, ensuring work of high precision and quick delivery.

We are experts in diagnosing and updating electric motor systems, such as Bosch, Brose, Fazua, Shimano, and Bafang. We ensure reliability and professionalism, confirmed by our certifications as a Bosch Service Center, Brose Center, and Fazua Center.

We offer every kind of service, including complete check-ups, suspension overhauls, wheel truing and tensioning, and tire tubeless setup. We treat your bike with love, enhancing its safety and preserving its value. After our service, it will be perfectly functional, lubricated, and sparkling.

You'll find a reliable point of reference for bicycle maintenance advice and updates on market novelties. Trust us for personalized service that reflects your cycling lifestyle.

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Our Key Strengths

Nivier Zangheri

Nivier is a true expert and enthusiast in the world of two wheels. With over 30 years of experience in the motorcycle industry, he has served as a mechanic for various speed and motard teams, winning numerous Italian titles and championships. In recent years, his passion has shifted towards bicycles, gaining specialized skills in their maintenance and repair.
With a deep overall knowledge of mechanics, Nivier has also stood out for his skill with electrical components. Constantly updated on the innovations of both electric-assist and traditional bicycles, he always ensures the highest level of professionalism and technical support.

Bosch, Brose, and Fazua Certification

Our eBike Service specializes in the maintenance and updating of e-bikes. Thanks to advanced software, we ensure that every e-bike is always up to date with the latest firmware versions and offer precise diagnostics for motors and batteries.
We are authorized Bosch, Brose, and Fazua centers, but our experience allows us to work effectively on any type of electric motor. We offer a comprehensive service, ranging from customizing settings to match your riding style, to thorough error checking. In case of anomalies, our diagnostic capability ensures timely and effective interventions, ensuring that your e-bike is always in optimal condition.
At the end of our service, we issue a detailed diagnostic document. You will return home with a complete check-up of your vehicle.

Customer Support

At the heart of our customer service is building a relationship of trust. Taking the right amount of time for discussion is essential for us, as is offering a careful and accurate service for your bike. We are equipped for every type of intervention: from repair to regular and extraordinary maintenance, for both traditional bikes and e-bikes. We handle check-ups, servicing, installation of new parts to optimize performance, and suspension tuning.
We offer complete assistance, including bike adjustment, fitting, and basic maintenance advice. Our team is always available to provide practical advice on optimal use and the basic mechanics of your bicycle.
Come visit us to discuss your needs: we are here to listen to you and offer the best in terms of care and maintenance for your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services do you offer in your bike workshop?

Our bike workshop specializes in e-bikes, offering diagnostic and update services for electric motor systems. We are experts in the technologies of leading industry brands such as Bosch, Brose, Fasua, Shimano, and Bafang, ensuring high-quality service for your electric bicycle.

Additionally, we offer a wide variety of services dedicated to traditional (non-electric) bicycles as well. These include complete check-ups, suspension overhauls, wheel truing and tensioning services, and tire tubeless setup. Every bicycle, whether electric or traditional, that comes through our hands is treated with the utmost care and attention. We commit not only to ensuring the safety of your vehicle but also to preserving its value over time, ensuring that at the end of our service, your bike is perfectly functional, lubricated, and ready to accompany you on your next road or trail adventures.

How often should I service my bike?

It depends on how frequently you use your bike and how you use it. We recommend servicing your bike on an annual basis to ensure the best riding experience. Naturally, if you cover a lot of kilometers or spend a lot of time on trails, more frequent maintenance may be necessary. Remember, it's better to practice good preventive maintenance rather than face a breakdown that could ruin your ride and lead to costly repairs.

Do I need an appointment to bring in my bike?

You are welcome to drop by our shop at Via Valsassina 70 at any time to take advantage of our high-quality services. However, to ensure that we can dedicate the necessary time to listen to the story of your bike and together assess the most appropriate action, we recommend making an appointment. You can easily do this by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to +39 3388451701. This way, we can ensure that we provide you with the attention and personalized service that your bike deserves.

How long does it take to work on my bike?

We are committed to delivering the highest quality of service while keeping our delivery times as short as possible. We understand that many of you don't mind leaving your bike with us for a couple of days, while others would like to have it back as soon as possible! We will do our best to complete the work as quickly as possible and return your bike according to your needs, unless it is necessary to order parts (although we have in stock the parts needed to complete at least 90% of work orders).

Do I need to buy a new part? How do I know what my bike needs?

Every time a customer brings a bike in for service, an experienced mechanic will put your bike on the stand and examine it with you. We will discuss your bike together, the issues it has, how you use it, and what could be improved. This helps us to give you the right advice so that you can get the most out of the component you are fitting on your bike.

How much will it cost to repair my bike?

It depends on the type of service you need! One thing we can tell you is that every time you bring your bike in, we'll guide you through the entire check-in process. We'll tell you what your bike needs now, and what might cause you problems in the future. We'll then provide you with a written estimate for the service we recommend. We can always revise the estimate if there are any concerns, and rest assured, when we give you an estimate, we won't charge you differently without your consent (that's why it's so important for us to have an email address and/or a phone number to contact you in case of any issues).

I have a flat tire, can you help me?

Certainly! In our bike workshop, we are equipped to handle all tire-related repairs, including replacing or repairing a flat tire. Whether it's a puncture or a more complex issue, our experienced team is ready to assist you. There's no need to make an appointment for flat tire repairs; you can simply bring your bike to our shop at Via Valsassina, 70, and we will take care of the problem as quickly as possible.

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