Rent the e-bike that meets your needs and choose your destination. Explore Rome all year round with our extensive fleet of electric bicycles. Moustache Bike.

Choose the e-bike that best suits the route you have in mind among urban, trekking, front, and full-suspended models, and set off to discover the hidden gems of the Eternal City: from the historic center to the suburban neighborhoods, as well as the surrounding Lazio countryside. Our bikes, from the prestigious French brand Moustache, are all high-end and suitable for every type of terrain, from urban paths to off-road trails.

Thanks to the pedal-assist mode, the e-bike allows you to adjust the effort, even during the most challenging climbs. The electric bike is suitable for all ages and does not require special skills to operate. Our models are all high-performance and equipped with Bosch drive systems, currently the most efficient on the e-bike market. The battery life is long, offering limitless possibilities for your tours up and down the 7 hills of Rome.

Hi-quality ebike

Sizes and models tailored for you (24, 26, S, M, L). Custom settings based on weight and height.

Battery up to 100km

Powerful and reliable Bosch e-bike system motor, high-capacity battery (minimum 500Wh) for long adventures on the saddle.

Included accessories

Helmet, anti-theft chain, emergency self-repair kit, and smartphone holder included with every rental.


Child transport solutions for every age and ability, e-bikes starting from 130 cm in height.

Customized routes

Plan your ideal itinerary with us (82,000 hectares of green cycling areas in the city), receive a map and GPX track.

Qualified guides

Let yourself be guided and explore safely. Discover the secrets of the Capital with our knowledgeable guides.

Our fleet of e-bikes

24 Woom Up Kid

26 Off Kid

Lundì 27.1

Xroad 1 Open

OFF 2 – Smart System Open

Wide 3 – Smart System

Trail 2

Trail 3

Trail 5

Game 3

Price List

2h 18€ 20€ 30€
Half day (4h) 20€ 25€ 35€
All day 35€ 49€ 59€
Family Package (minimum 3 people with under 12) 10% discount
Weekend Package 10% discount
Half day (4h) 30€ 25€ 20€
All day 60€ 50€ 40€
Tour Package (bike + guide) 10% discount
Family Tour Package (minimum 3 people with under 12 – bike + guide) 15% discount
Up to 4h 5€ 5€
All day 10€ 10€
The cost of bike rental includes accessories such as helmet, smartphone holder on the handlebar, anti-theft lock, and emergency self-repair kit.
Bicycles are rented upon signing the rental contract and providing a personal identification document, which will be returned at the end of the rental period.
The tour rate is per person. The number of participants is counted based on the number of bikes present during the tours. Children on child seats are not counted and do not pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I rent an e-bike?

To ensure the availability of a bicycle, we recommend booking in advance. You can do this at our shop at Via Val Sassina 70 or by sending a WhatsApp message to 06 87692364. We will provide you with all the necessary information and assist you in choosing the ideal bike for you. To complete the booking, we will need to know the number of participants, their heights, and the desired rental date. Additionally, we require the personal details (Name, Surname, Email, and Phone Number) of the person who will sign the rental contract.

What types of bikes are available?

Our bike fleet consists entirely of pedal-assist bicycles, available in a variety of sizes and models. We offer city e-bikes, trekking e-bikes, both front and full-suspension e-mtbs, and we also have several solutions suitable for children of all ages. The choice of the ideal bike will depend on the itinerary you have in mind. Our staff will assist you in selecting the most suitable bike based on your planned route.

What is included with the bike rental?

In addition to the selected e-bike, the rental includes a helmet, lock, mobile phone holder, pump, inner tube, multitool, tire levers, spare inner tube, and a map with various suggested routes (available in both paper and GPX format).
We also provide an instant tire repair kit, which is very easy to use, to independently manage any punctures.

What documents are required to rent an e-bike?

The rental of our bicycles requires the presentation of a valid identification document by the person signing the rental contract, as well as their signature on the contract.

What are the conditions for booking and renting a bicycle?

To book our e-bikes, no deposit is required, but cancellation is required 24 hours prior to the appointment. We do not require a security deposit, but it is essential to bring a valid identification document for signing the rental contract. The rental terms and conditions are governed by the contract, which will be available for review and discussion at the time of booking.

Are there age restrictions for renting?

Minors must be accompanied by an adult, who will be the holder of the rental contract. For children, we offer e-bikes suitable from a height of 120 cm (3.9 feet). This solution ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Can I rent bikes or child seats for children?

Yes, we offer electric bikes for children capable of independent pedaling, available for heights starting from 120 cm. For younger children, we provide various transport options such as sports seats, classic seats, and other customized solutions. Our goal is to meet all family needs in a safe and comfortable manner.

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